Mouthguards & Nightguards

A large number of people clench or grind their teeth, mostly subconsciously in their sleep. This habit can cause unexplained sensitivity, headaches, tender jaw muscles, fracture and premature wear of the teeth, disorders of the jaw joint etc. We can prevent the damage caused by this habit, by constructing a custom-made night guard for your teeth.

Custom-made Mouthguards 

Mouthguards are resilient appliances that provide protection for your teeth while you can enjoy playing your favourite sport safely. Dr Mahi and team can custom make them for you in a variety of materials and you can choose the colour.

When playing sport, if you are hit in the mouth or jaw, a mouthguard acts as a cushion that redistributes the force of the blow, so the impact is absorbed more evenly. A mouthguard also provides a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissue in and around your mouth. Many studies have shown that mouthguards help prevent chipped or broken teeth and protect against cuts to lips, gums, and other soft tissue in the mouth area.

Custom-made mouthguards are prescribed and fitted by a dental professional. The process involves making a model of your teeth and then moulding the mouthguard material around the dental model to ensure a close and comfortable fit, which means better protection and more comfort compared to ready-made mouthguards.

Night Guards
A Night Guard is a custom designed protective plastic appliance you wear over your teeth to protect them during sleep when you clench or grind unconsciously.

The Night Guard is made in two appointments. In the first appointment, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it to the dental laboratory for Night Guard fabrication or makes it on site. In the second appointment, you will try in the Night Guard. The dentist will assess for fit and comfort. If necessary, adjustments can be made.

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