General Extractions

General Tooth Extractions
Extractions are often performed when a tooth is unable to be restored due to decay, periodontal disease, or trauma. However, extractions may be required to reduce crowding and re-occurring gum infections often caused by wisdom teeth. The treatment involves the patient having local anesthetic injections to eliminate pain and reduce sensation. The process is usually straightforward however, some teeth are more difficult to extract than others due to the tooth’s position, shape, and angle. In the circumstance a tooth may be buried beneath the gum line, the gum is required to be cut away and the bone to be removed with a surgical drill. Once the tooth is removed a bite pack is used to apply pressure to the socket to reduce bleeding.

Stitches may be used to return the gum to its normal position. After the treatment, we recommend to avoid touching the area, vigorous mouth washing, or using straws to drink. This is to prevent the blood clot in the socket from being dislodged as bleeding can restart and a dry socket may develop. These can be very painful and delay the healing of the socket. Smoking is also to be avoided for at least 24 hours as it increases healing time. We advise hot salt water mouth baths 24 hours after the extraction. Your dentist will provide specific advice depending on your treatment.

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