Invisalign the clear alternative to braces. 

Most commonly known as “invisible braces”, Invisalign is an advanced technology where series of custom made removable
clear aligners are worn to achieve a straight result.

Invisalign These aligners are moulded precisely to move the teeth into the desired position without the pain and discomfort of regular braces. This is due to the design involving minimal attachments that hold onto the teeth, reducing irritation to the gums and lips. Not only does it look unnoticeable, Invisalign provides a hygienic solution to straightening teeth. As the aligners are removable at every stage of treatment, there is less availability for decay to result as the aligners are taken out when eating, drinking and brushing. Not only is this beneficial for oral health, but for the aesthetics aspect as they are transparent and can easily be removed for special occasions. The aligners are worn for 23 hours a day for a duration specified by your dentist depending on the results you would like to achieve. This also may depend on the current condition of the teeth and the amount of movement required for alignment.

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