Dental Exam and X-Rays

Regular dental examinations are an important part of preventative healthcare. You’ll receive a comprehensive examination on your first visit, including having digital x-rays and photographs of your teeth and gums taken.

Digital x-rays 
expose a patient to less radiation than traditional dental x-rays, reducing radiation exposure up to 80%. Other advantages of digital radiographs are- images available within seconds, electronic storage and simple digital transfer to you or a specialist clinic, and image enhancement to better aid in diagnosis.

Advantages of digital photographs 
– Diagnosis and treatment planning
– Enhanced patient education and communication – Insurance and ACC verification
-Specialist consultation/referral Laboratory communication

Digital Radiographs
Radiographs will allow the dentist to do a thorough tooth-by-tooth evaluation, uncovering any problems not seen by the naked eye – such as cavities or bone loss.

Digital Photographs 

We do have all the state-of-the- art equipment to take intra-oral and extra-oral digital photographs of your teeth and gums.

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