Hygienist Treatments

Dental Hygienists play a vital role in helping maintain healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. They accomplish this through regular check-ups, the use of preventative methods, and educating patients on oral hygiene strategies best suited to them. As they provide a thorough examination of the oral tissues and assess any potential for periodontal disease, Hygienists can help identify an issue before it arises and becomes problematic. Treatment may vary depending on the condition of oral hygiene. Most visits consist of a thorough clean to remove calculus, plaque and stains. If required, sealants and fluorides are applied to help protect the teeth to prevent further damage. Your hygienist will provide personalised methods to help maintain oral health and education surrounding any issues that may be present. They may also give specific instructions when cleaning or recommend products that may be of use. Recalls are usually 6 months for a hygienist scale and polish, however, this may differ depending on your oral health.

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