Payment Options

Dentist @ Parkside accept the following payment options : Zip Pay (Fix it now, pay it later) | Q Card6-18 months interest free
Farmers Finance Card  | or interest free options with Gem Visa

Free Dental Care
$00.00Under 18yrs

Free Teen Dental Care

From Yr 9 until 18th birthday

Fully Funded

Excludes Braces

No Waiting

WINZ Grant

WINZ Quotes Accepted

Urgent Dental Treatments

Low Income Earner


New Zealand Citizen

ACC Accident

Dental Injury

Dental Implants

Orthodontic Treatments

Sporting Injury

General Dental Treatments

Free Teen Dental Care
Dental care is free for all New Zealand kids until their 18th birthday. Until year 9 children are seen by the school dental service and from year 9 they see a dentist. Dentist can see below year 9 kids for free dental care only when they have a referral letter from school dental nurse or if there are any emergencies.

If not parents can choose to pay a private fee for below year-9 kids to get regular check-ups and treatment done by a dentist. Orthodontics (braces) and any dental treatment relating to orthodontics is not covered by this service and privates fees will be charged. For more information, please contact us.

WINZ quotes

If you’re on a low income or benefit, Work and Income (WINZ) may be able to help pay towards the cost of dental treatment, especially if it’s urgent. Dentist@Parkside is registered with work and Income, and our experienced dentists are happy to provide you with a quote to take to WINZ office. Work and Income generally pay up to $300 towards urgent dental treatment, which is non-recoverable and may be able to pay more depending on your situation.

These are the steps to follow if you want to apply for WINZ dental benefits:

Step 1: Our dentists will fill in “Emergency Dental information form” with treatment quotation on it.
Step 2: You May apply for the benefit online through myMSD portal where you will be asked to upload the form that you received from us. If you cannot apply online there will be an option for you to book an appointment to go to WINZ office and meet a representative of the MSD.
Step 3: Once your quote is processed, WINZ will give you a payment card with money loaded onto it to use for our services at Dentist@Parkside. You have 3-7 working days to pay the dentist before it expires. When this is paid an appointment will be booked for you.

Unfortunately accidents can happen at any time. No matter how small or large the injury to the teeth or gums is, it is important to have the injury assessed and registered with ACC as soon as possible. This means that in the future if there is any problem relating to the injured tooth, treatment is covered mostly by ACC. Dentist @ Parkside is a registered provider for ACC dental treatments. Mahi and team are highly experienced in dealing with all forms of dental trauma and emergency care.

Treatment under ACC is often free of charge for children below 18 years except for complex treatments and adults can have an additional surcharge.

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